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[cancer|personal] Weekend update

Nothing happened. I watched too many DVDs, spent almost all the time in my recliner, coughed and sneezed a lot, and felt wretched. After getting 8.5 hours of sleep last night, I'm still somewhat congested in my upper respiratory, but my head seems to be clear. So, two days of lost writing and some misery, but I think I'm on the flip side of this cold.

Having a cold on top of chemo is a weird experience, I have to say. For one thing, the eternal fatigue of chemo is not improved by rhinovirus. My ongoing lower GI weirdness didn't take a break. I was lucky I wasn't dealing with other, more serious chemo side effects just now, and very lucky I'm not carrying this cold when I'm supposed to be in the infusion center. (Which would be, ah, this coming Friday.) But mostly my brain is active other than the four or five days of infusion and immediate post-infusion recovery. The cold put my brain back in slo-mo, that same sluggishness we all experience in those circumstances.

Damn, something new to resent. And hope like crazy I don't get a reprise of.

Did get a solid amount of sleep last night, without the midnight awakening for throat-burning dehydration. Do feel better today, to the point that I exercised for the first time since Friday. (As I am a demon about keeping that habit going, skipping it over the weekend was just killing me.) Day Jobbery today, and I'm planning to put in an hour on "The Stars Do Not Lie" either over lunch or right after work.

One freaking day at a time. calendula_witch and shelly_rae arrive Thursday evening. Friday is infusion session six of twelve. So I'm almost halfway there. The row of bottles grows ever shorter...

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