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[cancer|personal] More sick, more writing

Odd day yesterday. The tail of the cold hung on. (Still here today, too.) Spent the day in a foul mood that eventually degraded to grumpiness, as everyone around me was kind. I probably still owe apologies to both calendula_witch and shelly_rae.

francitabozita brought me some chicken noodle soup to make it better, and I had lunch with lillypond, a/k/a my sister. They were both most pleasant and supportive. Wound up working an hour on "The Stars Do Not Lie" (and another hour this morning when I woke up Very Early), as well as 45 minutes on a project with calendula_witch. Both of those things improved my mood.

And of course, I got my contrib copies of Pinion yesterday! The book lays down next Tuesday, and I'm having my reading/signing at the Beaverton Powell's next Thursday. Yay!

Took a Lorazepam last night to try to get the sleep situation righted. Chemo infusion six is Friday, and I can't go into it exhausted. I can't go into the infusion center at all if I haven't shaken this cold. Slept shorter than I intended, thanks to various urgent communiques from my lower GI, but I got good, solid sleep when I did. Physical therapy this morning for my left rotator cuff (nothing to do with the cancer), and then Day Jobbery, with hopefully more writing to come this afternoon.

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