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[personal|cancer] State of the Jay, one day pre-chemo

Not much new to report. The cold is definitely a tail-end charlie, no worse than a mild allergy fit today. This means I can go in for my chemo infusion tomorrow. Need to be health as possible, and well-rested, for that. Been laying low all the same, including another passage of the Lorazepam tango last night. I was up for an hour or so in the middle of the night thanks to my lower GI, but lately that's been more normal than not. For whatever value of "normal" ever pertains to me these day.

I am pleased with the amount of writing I've gotten done lately, including an hour and forty-five minutes' worth yesterday. "The Stars Do Not Lie" will have to go on hiatus while I munge through chemo weekend, but it's got shape, momentum, direction, etc. That's good. Other projects are advancing as well, at varying but appropriate speeds. I think I've got a handle on writing during chemo.

Don't know yet what this weekend's Tweetsnark movie will be. I'll have to figure it out today. Also seeing my therapist today. Not like I have any life issues these days or anything.

Last night, during my awake period, my brain decided to inform me that Jabberwocky can be sung to the tune of "Amazing Grace." (And therefore to "House of the Rising Sun, "Gilligan's Island", etc. Yes, I'm fun at parties.) I decided to test this assertion, for which calendula_witch and shelly_rae should be profoundly grateful they're arriving tonight, because otherwise I might have wound up sleeping in the car. Go ahead. Try it for yourself. No one will mind, I swear.

Also working on a complex post about the logical fallacies I see in political discussion, both on my blog and elsewhere. A lot of false equivalency and "No True Scotsman" arguments from conservatives anxious to distance themselves from the statements of their own leadership, and the behaviors of their activists. Requires more time and attention than I have before Day Jobbery this morning to finish, especially given how much I slept.

I swear, one thing I will embrace the most, post-chemo, is a return to my normal sleep schedule. Gah.

Meanwhile, you may shop as usual. No need to return to your homes.

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