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[personal] Department of things which are good

It's been a pretty grim week around here. It's also been a pretty good week. The Lords of Chaos apparently have planted Their August Thumbs on the Mighty Scales of Karmic Balance. Or maybe Murphy was just an optimist.

Pinion came out Tuesday. Had a lovely reading at the Cedar Hills Powell's last night, which was surprisingly well-attended given that I was up against the opening night of Norwescon. This was preceded by a pho dinner beforehand with my family and various elements of Portland writerdom. I also managed to summon almost 75 minutes of energy to talk about books, read, take questions, and be harassed from the audience about clockpunk, thanks to those self-same writer friends. davidlevine's delivery was especially piquant. Except for the profound exhaustion afterwards, it was fun. Photos later, hopefully, from various sources.

As previously mentioned, this week I've also sold Japanese rights to the Mainspring novella "Chain of Fools", via arcaedia. My first time into that market. calendula_witch and I sold a romance/sf short this week as well. That makes two joint sales in the past few weeks. And money came in the mail from various short fiction ventures, which is never a bad thing.

Also in big, good news, calendula_witch has gone real estate shopping. So, erm, the long distance relationship will shrink from 630 miles to about 4 miles.

A lot of good in my life this week. I have to keep telling myself that, and transfer some of that good to Mother of the Child, and most importantly, to the_child.
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