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[personal] Postcards from the weird

I don't usually document my dreams here on the blog — they are largely of interest only to me, if that — but my subconscious was especially demented last night, and I'm still giggling over some of the imagery.

In my dream, I was on a business trip, staying at a nice hotel where one of the salesguys from the Day Jobbe was also staying. I had to sneak out of the hotel at night without him noticing, and wound up being captured by Darth Vader, and tied up with Luke and Leia in Darth's secret underground lair, which remarkably resembled the Adam West-era Batcave.

After the Sith Lord was one monologging at us, he got a Chinese-made Pigeon bicycle (imagine a classic one-speed) and pedaled off down the Bat Tunnel. This made me laugh so hard I broke our bonds, so me and the Star Wars folks escaped.

Somehow I wound up in the clutches of a film critic, possibly Roger Ebert, who made me go through a frame-by-frame analysis of the lost "Darth Vader on a bicycle" footage, which had been cut from the theatrical release of the original Star Wars.

Escaping that horror, I would up out on the streets of Mexicali, where I ran into seanan_mcguire. She and her boyfriend had bought a housing lot there, and were camping in a dirt pile while they excavated a foundation by hand. Seanan's mom showed up, and they got into a screaming clod fight, which I fled only to run into Darth Vader again.

This time he was riding one of those tall bicycles you occasionally see around Portland (or at the circus), trying to cadge drinks from the frat boys partying in the street. I was working my way back to my business hotel while avoiding Darth Vader, not to mention the screaming fight still going on behind me. About then I woke up, filled with a peaceful sense of WTFery?

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