Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Infusion tomorrow

Going in to the infusion center this morning to have my bloodwork done a day early. I will be doing this from now on, as we face the increasing likelihood of a postponement due to being too deeply immunocompromised. Tomorrow is chemotherapy session seven of twelve.

In other news, calendula_witch has her real estate inspections today. shelly_rae and the_child did some serious bonding yesterday, which is much to the good. For my part, I managed another solid tranche of writing yesterday on "The Stars Do Not Lie", but I won't get it done before I go under the needle. And looks like I'll be announcing another short fiction sale soon.

So, yeah, life goes on.

Tags: calendula, cancer, child, health, personal, shellyrae, stories, writing

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