Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Chemotherapy, day two of session seven

Tired. Sat around all day yesterday. Took a very short walk, which wore me out. Movies were watched, at least partially. Food was made. I did damned near nothing.


Slept a lot at least. As for this morning, important safety tip: I managed, without noticing, to get my drug tubing from the pump wrapped around my testicles, then tucked tight into my underwear. The issue at and, so to speak, was not discovered by me. This is not a good thing. Do not try this at home.

Dutch babies coming up now. I am slow and tired, and the biggest issues this weekend have been emotional. Off the pump around 3:30.

Have I mentioned how much I hate chemo?
Tags: cancer, funny, health, personal, sex

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