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[cancer|personal] The post-chemo week, and the weekend to come

Been a bit of a disruptive week for non-cancer reasons, such as me oversleeping yesterday morning. Which I've done twice since the cancer stuff started, and, erm, none in many years before that. Once I get a little bit behind on my day, catching up is somewhere between beastly and impossible.

I'd intended to write more this week, but the last couple of days, after finishing "The Stars Do Not Lie", the brain has insisted on a break. Following advice from several quarters, I've been rereading favorite Discworld books. Turns out that while I cannot read new material, beloved familiar material is able to get in past the chemo stupid.

My main side effects this week have been fatigue and the usual post-chemo GI fail. Shedding Day, which was Tuesday/Wednesday this week, was as tedious as ever. Had some trouble getting to sleep last night because my gut wouldn't calm down enough, but managed it eventually.

Back to Endurance today. Still on track for deadline for that, and for the current Sekrit Projekt. Just signed a contract for a different Sekrit Projekt, which will probably surprise most of you when I get around to announcing it. A fair amount of business and sale activity lately in my writing life has been good for morale, if nothing else. I figure on being done with the current commitments by June, so I can draft Kalimpura this summer. Which is, yes, almost a year ahead of deadline, but it makes me happy to do that.

In other news, shaolingrrl is flying in this afternoon to visit for the weekend. I don't see her nearly often enough, so that is most def cool. tillyjane's birthday dinner is tommorow — mmm, Toad-in-the-Hole — and the_child wants to go to a movie sometime over the weekend. Plus writing.

So long as my body cooperates, it will all be good.

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