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[links] Link salad moves slowly on a Sunday morning

voidampersand with a very good review of Green — They read it pretty much as I intended it to be read.

A reader reacts to Green — Mixed, and largely negative.

Birtherism, socialism, and crazinessLanguage Log on what real socialism is, versus the Right wing American scare word. I do disagree with their conclusions about polysemy, since the repurposing of the term is a cynical propaganda ploy as opposed to a genuine shift in meaning, but I am probably in the wrong here.

Doonesbury on right wing hate speech — For those of you who foolishly persist in thinking there's some kind of equivalency in left-right rhetoric in this country.

Priming Christian Religious Concepts Increases Racial PrejudicePositive correlations have been found between several self-report measures of religiousness and racial prejudice; however, no experiment has yet examined the direct effect of religion on racial attitudes. Hmm. Is this a function of reinforcing one's tribalism? In my observation most churches (and religions) are very heavily racially segregated. Or am I wrong?

"Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black" - Tim Wise — Yep, no racism here. Just good, honest Real Americans standing up for their rights.

?otD: What's your favorite comfort (re)reading?

Writing time yesterday: none (chemo brain)
Body movement: brief suburban walk later
Hours slept: 9.0 (interruoted)
This morning's weigh-in: n/a (scale is out of batteries)
Yesterday's chemo stress index: 7/10 (fatigue, on the pump)
Currently (re)reading: Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett

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