Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[politics] Dear Arizona

Dear Arizona,

I am a proud immigrant to these American shores. My nth grandfather Lake arrived in North America in the mid-seventeenth century via Guilford, Connecticut from England. He did not have papers, he did not have a visa, and he certainly was looking for work. My family wandered across colonial and national borders, moved to the territories and to the Republic of Texas, and eventually back to the United States in the fullness of time. Always without papers, or a visa, always looking for work. Every single Arizonan who is not a tribal member is just as much an immigrant as I am. Even the tribes are, along their different path of history.

So the next time you ask someone for their papers, my dear Arizona, fall down on your knees and thank your petty little shriveled soul that no one was doing that to you when you were new, hungry and poor.

No love,

Jay Lake, proud immigrant American
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