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[personal|tech] iPad 3G, the thank you

There are stories about things. There are things about stories. Sometimes these come together.

Some months ago, I mentioned very casually on Twitter than it was too bad cancer was sucking up all my disposable income, because otherwise I would have bought an iPad. (This was shortly after the initial announcement and well pre-release.) Cancer certainly has eaten my finances these past few years, both in terms of co-pays/out-of-pockets from my insurance carrier and indirect costs such as over-the-counter medicines, furniture, increased heating bills, etc. I wasn't complaining at the time, just making an observation about the nature of my life.

Marti McKenna and bhagwanx took note of this and organized a whip-round among friends, fans, fellow writers and a few total strangers to raise money to buy me an iPad. After discussions with some of the folks involved, I will not name names here, much as I'd prefer to, but you know who you are. As do I. And you have my deep gratitude.

The importance here isn't the iPad. That's a just a thing, however cool it may be. The importance here is the respect, affection and love of the people around me. Unasked for, unlooked for, and delivered with a casual smile and some easy grace. It's precisely that kind of emotional support that is getting me through cancer. Yes, medical science and some truly dreadful pharmaceuticals are leading the way, but those are just things, too, really.

It's you guys. All of you. The ones who pledged money to Marti McKenna and bhagwanx. The ones who would have if you'd known or could have. The ones who drop by my blog every day to wish me well and check on me. The ones who pop around once in a while to see if I'm still pink and warm. And especially those who read, read, read. Read me, read my friends, read total strangers, read books, read stories, read on the iPad and the Kindle and the backs of cereal boxes.

You are awesome. You keep me going. My most especial thanks to Marti McKenna and bhagwanx, and to everyone who supported this little project. And my thanks to every one of you. I love you all.

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