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[cancer] Other than that, how was your day Mrs. Lincoln?

Yesterday was a bit better than the mid-week. This is a relative statement, of course. I still feel like the proverbial bronzed shit boot scraper. Just a bit less so. These past two mornings the peripheral neuropathy hasn't been quite so crippling, though it lurks in the numbness of my feet and calves. Not to mention which I am still wearing gloves and hat indoors today. Still not planning to take up driving again in the foreseeable future, though.

I did have a longish talk with an oncology nurse yesterday. The fatigue is normal (as I expected), the sudden drop-off is unfortunate but not unexpected. They would be more concerned about the peripheral neuropathy if it were spontaneous and persistent, but it appears to be cold-linked, and that is also unfortunate but not unexpected. She reminded me that peripheral neuropathy can persist for up to two years after chemotherapy is concluded, and in some cases permanently; the nurse's point being to keep the oncology team completely up to date on my side effects. If it doesn't settle down in the coming week, they may reduce my dosages somewhat.

On the mental front, I had a nicely productive day at the Day Jobbe yesterday, and managed to spend some post-work time on a small e-publishing project at Smashwords. More about that later in a separate post, once I've gotten to the other end of the project, but the significance is I pulled my brain into writing focus.

As my brain seems to still be in focus this morning, today I plan to work on the Sekrit Projekt, which needs my attention. the_child's last lacrosse game of the season is today as well, so if I can manage to leave the house (a seriously questionable issue) I would like to see her play. tillyjane is here keeping an eye on me, so she won't let me do anything stupid.

The new normal seems to amount to "don't move around much, and your feet hurt". Ok. Five more weeks. I can do this.

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