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[links] Link salad is doomed to repeat history on the playground

A reader reacts to Mainspring — Mixed review, generally positive.

Book Habits: A Meme — Andrew Wheeler with a hilarious (and interesting) interview with ETA: meme snurched from book blogger Robb. Chemo brain strikes again!

Posthuman Blues — Awesome looking new-to-me blog. Going on my daily blogroll. ETA: I'm told the blog's author passed away last year. Sigh. Chemo brain didn't look at the post dates.

They S.H.O.O.T. atheists, don't they? — In which (among other things) the Bad Astronomer complains about worldbuilding in fantasy and science fiction. With some accuracy, I might add.

Can an Enemy Be a Child's Friend? — Interesting. Having grown up in the era when the standard response to bullying was to blame the victim — "What did you do to antagonize him?" — and having been the class goat pretty much through seventh grade, thanks in part to the 1970's gym teacher technique of picking on one pansy (me) to motivate the rest of the kids, I have a lot of sympathy for kids on the wrong end of the social stick. In some my ways, my entire life today is a revenge of the nerds.

Milky Way Over Ancient Ghost Panel — Another lovely APOD image.

Russia reportedly used nukes to seal runaway oil wells — Really?

Family Values GOP Rep To Resign Over Affair — Abstinence and family values FTW! And yes, the congressman and his girlfriend even made an abstinence video together. Principled consistency: your Republican hallmark.

Governor, I knew Susan B. Anthony. Susan B. Anthony was a subject of my scholarship, and Governor...Ann Gordon and Lynn Sherr want you to know that no matter how often Sarah Palin says so, Susan B. Anthony was not an anti-abortion activist. Those who do not study history are doomed to be conservatives.

Angry Tea Partiers are not the Moral Equivalent of Compassionate Democrats — Juan Cole on Your Liberal Media's continued false equivalency of political narratives. When is the last time you saw leftwing Democrats taunting disabled people, or weeping, or shouting that "their" country had been stolen by "those people"? What did the Democratic left want? Universal health care with a public option. That is angry? Isn't it just common decency?

Tea party: Dark side of conservatismWhen the tea partiers say they are true conservatives, there is no reason to doubt them. They stand in the conservative tradition of the radical right — a movement of the haves and the well-protected who, since the time of FDR, have feared that their freedom will be lost if the government extends a hand to the have-nots and the unprotected.

PA-12 and The Single Greatest Pushback in American History — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison on the special election to fill the late John Murtha's seat, and the abject failure of the Republican narrative about their forthcoming political gains.

?otD: Were you ever the class goat as a kid?

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Yesterday's chemo stress index: 9/10 (fatigue)
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