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[cancer] Updatery of the usual sort

Such a social bug I am. maclark2005 came over for a while yesterday. The plan was to take me to Fireside Writers, but I did not have the energy. So we went to New Seasons briefly, where I burned myself out buying two bags of frozen strawberries and some cheese. Later, H— came by and gave me hand and foot massage for my peripheral neuropathy. tillyjane is coming over today, as is camillealexa for lunch, and kenscholes for a bit after work. And calendula_witch arrives tonight, shelly_rae tomorrow night.

In one three-day period I am accomplishing more socializing than I've managed in the past three weeks. Weird.

Exhaustion continues bordering on the extreme. Well, not bordering. More full scale violation of sovereignty with incursion by armored columns and close air support. I slept in hat and gloves last night. The hat came off at some point, but the gloves worked well. (Thanks, Dad, and also for the Really Thick Socks.) GI, mirable dictu (or possibly mirable buttu) is being well behaved. Who knew Rice Chex and oatmeal were so good for the bowels?

There's probably something I've excluded from my diet which is improving the GI, given how restricted my eating has become, but I'm too goofy lately to actually figure it out.

Chemo session ten of twelve forthcoming in two days. Joy of joys. Really, folks, I can't recommend cancer as a hobby.

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