Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] ZOMG sleep, and Scalzi's part in the Lesbian-Zombie War

Worked a long day yesterday, including a four-hour conference call. (!) Miserable as predicted. By 3:30 I was horizontal for the day, except for occasional forays for food and the restroom. Not much food, mind you. I had managed to eat an entire lunch, which is the first time in days I've choked down a meal's worth of food. H— showed up and kept me company a little while.

GI failure (eventually resolved successfully) prevented me from zonking out as early as planned, but I did make eight hours of solid sleep followed by another 45 minutes of semisolid sleep. I had an extended dream about spending time in an open-source village that was sort of a cross between Ruritania and the Prisoner's resort, but then Krissy Scalzi took me back to scalzi's rural Ohio compound to meet with the Great Man. I don't think her dream-self liked my dream-self very much, because she made me wait in the basement, which was seriously dusty and spiderwebbed. scalzi wasn't around, so I set to writing whilst idling in the bowels of his home. He finally showed up as I woke up, announcing it was just in time for the Lesbian-Zombie War to begin.

Yes, I slept well. How about you?

Tags: cancer, dreams, food, health, personal

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