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[links] Link salad dreams of foreign beaches and familiar air

Stuff No One Told Me (But I Learned Anyway) — Hilarious. And somewhat thought-provoking. (Via @inkhaven.)

Hippos Licking Crocs — Um, yes.

Seeing New York: 1904 — Electric buses and the Flatiron Building. It's just like today!

Palm-Size NMRThe portable but powerful magnet could be used to find archaeological artifacts or to detect contamination in products. Seems like a handy thing to have around the house.

Beta Pictoris b: A New Planet and Its Implications — More crunchy exoplanetary goodness from Centauri Dreams.

Autism and the search for simple, direct answers — PZ Myers with a very detailed and cogent analysis of some of the new evidence on autism. Note that it does not involve vaccination denial and the deaths of children through preventable epidemics.

Kids of lesbians have fewer behavioral problems, study suggests — Obviously we need to stop gay marriage in its tracks. Otherwise we might have well-behaved children. (Note to the literally minded, English orthography does not include a sarcasm punctuation mark.)

New Policy on Gender Change in Passports Announced — Very nice to see our government doing the right thing here. I'm about as GLBT as your desk chair, but I have a lot of GLBT friends, and very glad to see this, simply as a matter of principle and basic human rights.

Souter's Theory of InterpretationJustice Souter said he well understood, and indeed had shared, that "longing for a world without ambiguity, and for the stability of something unchanging in human institutions." But he said he had come to accept and even embrace the "indeterminate world" in which a judge's duty was to respect the words of the Constitution's framers "by facing facts, and by seeking to understand their meaning for the living."

On this ground, zero tolerance — Arab-American Christians protest proposed New York mosque near 9-11 site, threatened by white Christians, then removed. No racism here, nope nope. Nothing but Real Americans. Nothing to see citizen, move along.

?otD: How many countries have you visited? What's your favorite?

Writing time yesterday: n/a (chemo exhaustion)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.5 (solid)
This morning's weigh-in: 226.2
Yesterday's chemo stress index: 6/10
Currently (re)reading: Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett

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