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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2010-06-17 05:32
Subject: [links] Link salad hopes there is still room up on the hill
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Tags:books, funny, grief, language, links, personal, photos, politics, religion, reviews, science
Reading Recommendation: The Specific Gravity of Grief — Brenda Cooper with a review.

Spring thaw on the North Slope — I have seen these Arctic meltwater lakes from the air and from the ground when I visited Barrow a few years ago, and they are very curious. The land looked like a gaming board.

Banished by the FBI — American citizen trapped overseas on the no-fly list. Civil liberties 'r us. (Via danjite.)

How to Prevent Language Extinction — Offer not valid in Arizona or within 1,000 yards of Sarah Palin.

Sea creatures flee oil spill, gather near shore — To quote Mississippi's Republican governor Haley Barbour, "[T]he coast is clear. Come on down!"

Are the Ten Commandments really the basis for our laws? — Some analysis of a cherished Republican talking point. (Thanks to seventorches.)

Psychoanalysis of a Republican — Political humor. He, to list but a few examples, rails against government while lauding the Medicare that pays for his sessions; believes the government to be simultaneously incapable of any competent action and yet skilled enough to remake a foreign country or stop a gushing oil well a mile beneath the ocean's surface; insists that the President is alternately the dupe of foreign countries and the mastermind of a vast globalist conspiracy. When these contradictions are brought to his attention, patient reverts to hostile accusations of bias directed against the therapist or he changes the subject.

Rand Paul's ideas crash into reality — The Lexington Herald-Leader editorializes on home boy Rand Paul. At the the junction of principle and pragmatism, Paul denounces big government and its costs and intrusiveness, but depends on the little things that big government does for him.

?otD: Does the paper holds your folded face to the floor?

Writing time yesterday: n/a
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 9.0 (decent)
This morning's weigh-in: 230.6
Yesterday's chemo stress index: 4/10 (exhaustion)
Currently (re)reading: A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett

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Max Kaehn: Home
User: slothman
Date: 2010-06-17 17:28 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
This particular lunatic prefers to be on the sofa rather than in the hall.
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User: ulfhirtha
Date: 2010-06-17 21:29 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
The article on Paul seems consistent with what I'm seeing from most of the Gulf states GOP, like Jindahl (sp?) - clamoring for smaller government and mocking efforts like volcano monitoring until sudden they need help. There are no conservative/libertarians during disasters, it seems.

The "Psychoanalsis" is humor, but as Capone says in "The Untouchables", we laugh because it is funny & we laugh because it's true.

I confess to an ambivalence about "language extinction", in that at what point is it being preserved as an artifact as opposed to something of actual use? True, it is a record of the culture's experiences, but what about when a language stops being a useful medium for its populace?
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