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[process] Writing Cliches of the Personal Kind

Author Shanna Germaine talks about her personal cliches in writing. It's kind of a funny list. She covers both things she returns to a lot, and things which are absent in her writing. After eight novels and close to three hundred short stories, I'm not sure much of anything is absent from my writing, but I certainly do return to a lot of things. In no particular order, and off the top of my head, here are some of my tropes:

  • Lost boys

  • Absent fathers

  • Absent mothers

  • Frightening grandfathers/distant male authority figures

  • Zeppelins

  • Angels

  • An absent God

  • People angry at the world

  • Talking animals

  • Gentle humanism

  • Reversal of gender roles

  • The "key man" theory of history

  • The price of magic/power/belief

  • Place, place, place

  • Self-discovery

  • Personal responsibility

  • The question of "who counts"

  • And of course these days, cancer, cancer, cancer

What do you find in your work, over and over?

Snurched from Shanna Germain at Year of the Word.

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