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[links] Link salad goes shopping for stillsuits

A reader reacts to Mainspring

Colon cancer resources — A very helpful list if you, a family member or friend is facing this.

A second Laplace resonance[T]he Galilean satellites of Jupiter constitute the original exoplanetary system. Awesome article. (Via @Exoplanetology.)

A legal defeat for the Institute for Creation Research — So for now, they can't issue master's degrees in nonsense? The funny part is the reasoning — nothing to do with the intellectual bankruptcy of Creationism, everything to do with the ICR's lack of ability to follow a simple process. Which is apparently religious discrimination, according to them. (Via Bad Astronomy.)

For Jeb Bush, Life Defending the Family Name — An odd puff piece in NYT about Jeb Bush. Both Jeb and the reporter seem to have lived through a very different 2001-2009 Bush administration than the country at large did.

Reagan Revolution Home To Roost -- In Charts — This jibes which what I've always thought of Reagan, and reinforces my lifelong bafflement with his status as a hero to fiscal conservatives. Much of what is said and believed about him is simply not true on the face of the facts. (Via Dispatches From the Culture Wars.)

?otD: Where must the spice flow?

Writing time yesterday: n/a
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 9.5 (fitful)
This morning's weigh-in: 223.6
Yesterday's chemo stress index: 9/10 (post-infusion)
Currently (re)reading: Dune by Frank Herbert

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