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[personal|cancer] Mixed updates, with lightly scattered photos

Yesterday was very, very rough. Five hours' sleep the night before pretty much wiped me physically, mentally and emotionally.

Still, Mother of the Child and I managed to see the first matinee of Toy Story 3 (the_child demurred), parts of which made me sob like a baby. Some of that is chemo — listening to Journey can make me cry these days — and some of that is a genuinely moving story. I've long said that Toy Story 2 is one of the few movie sequels I've ever seen that lived up to the original. Pixar made a nigh perfect triple play with this one. I do wonder how much of the movie is really for kids, since so many of the jokes rely on being roughly my generation, not my daughter's generations. And yes, I remember having one of those Fisher-Price telephones. I think my favorite bits were either the Spanish Buzz Lightyear, or the strangely twee Ken doll.

So long as I'm discussing this and that, here are some photos the Child took of the cake she baked, and of her own bad self.



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Love that kid.

So after the movie, and an afternoon of crabby vegging, I went to bed very early last night, enjoyed the usual lower GI nonsense, was awoken in the middle of the night by more of same, but still managed to capture about ten hours of solid sleep. Which more or less puts me on an even keel this morning, but hardly ahead of the game. I have an hour of two of Stuff to Do which I didn't even attempt yesterday, that I'm hoping to get done today. Dreamt I was back in China, trying to manage a failing civilian-military mission there as the hotels decayed, meetings were cancelled and the key participants vanished one by one. Anxiety much?

I actually do feel somewhat better today mentally and emotionally, though physically I'm still wiped. francybee is visiting for a while this morning, H— is spiriting the_child away this afternoon to do glassmaking, and calendula_witch will be back from Seattle sometime around the end of the day. Me, going to Be Productive as much as possible for a while, the rewatch Lord of the Rings and reread Dune Messiah amid the various visitations and arrivals and whatnot.

See some, all or none of you at JayCon X this coming Saturday.

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