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[links] Link salad meets the Big Calm

The Witch Strikes Back — Nnedi Okorafor on writing about sensitive topics, in this case, female genital mutilation. The specific topic is important and difficult, but I was also struck by the broader application of this comment: First of all, I speak about what I choose to speak about. Let’s see you try to stop me. Secondly, if writers only wrote about what they’d experienced, then few people would write about wizards and unicorns. I wish more people in our genre community understood these points.

Where are all the female skeptics at? — In many ways, this same could have been written about female sf writers. (Snurched from Pharyngula.)

Washing the numbers, selling the model — Science, journalism and suppressed data.

The Psychology of Touch

How Russian spies infiltrated suburban AmericaCarefully-crafted American normality shattered with the arrest of 11 people on charges of being part of deep cover espionage ring.

Some Republicans think that repealing health reform is a winning campaign issuePromising to take away people's access to health care might not prove as popular as they thought. Um, yeah. That.

Haley Barbour's lack of preparation now causing problems — Mississippi Republican governor mocks oil spill worries until oil hits Mississippi beaches, now asks for help. That's what I call leadership.

Conservatives Against Journalism — A fascinating little squib. I don't find myself possessed of much sympathy for the author and his complaints, however.

Weigel, WaPo, and the Tracy-Flickization of Public Life — This isn't the core point being made here, but I was struck by this comment: Memo to my friends on the right: If you bristle at being stereotyped as an undifferentiated bloc of racists and crude blowhards, maybe you shouldn't take automatic umbrage when someone points out particular individuals who are. Much of the rest of the column echoes my recent remarks about being a public person [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ].

Sharron Angle's Fringe Third Party Sponsored Virulently Anti-Gay Flier In '90s — This is part of why so many of us see conservatives as "an undifferentiated bloc of racists and crude blowhards," as mentioned in the previous item. Some of your candidates for national office are unrepentant lunatics. This is who you pick to represent you, your public face.

?otD: Have you left your soul there, down by the sea?

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