Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[writing] Project updates

4,200 words on the Sekrit Projekt yesterday, to 17,600. Not bad for a week's work. I should wrap it today unless the story wants to be meaningfully longer than the projected wordcount.

Tomorrow or Thursday I will start in on extensive edits to Endurance, which I have about four weeks to complete, before I hie off to New Zealand and Australia. There will be minor interruptions for Sekrit Projekt revisions and a few related WRPA tasks, but essentially I'll be on the novel every day until it is done and turned in.

Also on the burner, post-Endurance:
  • Finalize Kalimpura outline, turn in for editorial review

  • Revisions to "The Stars Do Not Lie" (steampunk lost colony religious novella), get out to market

  • Write short stories which have been bugging me, including the Sunspin short that is a riff on I Am Legend, the zombie-cancer apocalyptic horror story (with shelly_rae) and the cancer-as-a-hobby SF story.

  • First draft of Kalimpura

That should keep me busy through the end of October, at least. After that... Sunspin. And somewhere in the middle of Sunspin, a break for Kalimpura revisions.

All of the above assumes I remain out of the clutches of the medical establishment, of course. I've already lost about three months of this year's writing schedule to cancer and chemotherapy, which in the final analysis is probably what I resent most about the whole process. If I lived to be 112, I wouldn't have time to write everything I want. It would be damned embarrassing to die in my 40s, and I would feel so terribly short-changed.

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