Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[writing] "The Bull Dancers" wrapped in first draft

Wrapped the Sekrit Projekt (a/k/a "The Bull Dancers") today at 21,600 words. That's 4,000 new words over a couple of hours. Most of that writing took place at the Fireside Writers Group (which meets at Fat Straw on SE Hawthorne since the Fireside went out of business). That's the first time in about two months that I've made it in, so it felt very fun and apropos to finish this first draft. I feel very accomplished.

I'll do some light revisions tomorrow, then send it off to first readers and whatnot. Then either tomorrow or Thursday I'll start digging into change notes on Endurance from casacorona and arcaedia. I've got a little over four weeks to get that done.

Ah, writing. I love being back in the game.

Tags: books, endurance, personal, stories, writing
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