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[writing|travel] The next few days...

calendula_witch and I are off to Writer's Weekend tomorrow, whereat I am pro'ing with davidlevine. A cast of dozens — well, about two dozen — will be there at a resort in the Olympics, but no longer the Iron Springs of memory. (For those newish to the blog, calendula_witch and I met at this workshop two years ago.) I'll also be putting in some serious spadework on Endurance revisions.

We'll be back in Portlandia Sunday evening. Monday I am off to Omaha, my first such trip since last October. I'll fly back from Omaha to Seattle on Friday the 30th, to attend the Clarion Party there that night. Home on the 31st, then off to New Jersey on August 4th.

Once I get back from all that, I will see the liver surgeon on August 11th. After that, quien sabe? (Except for continued Endurance revisions, of course.)

If you're playing along with the home game version of "Where's Jay?", this update should suffice for now.

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