Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Progriss Riport

I pro'd at Writer's Weekend this past weekend, along with the inestimable davidlevine. I also walked on the beach, hot tubbed, partied, drank (a few sips), chatted, and whatnotted at great length. By Saturday I was a wreck — exhausted and worn — and completely failed at partying Saturday night. I spent Sunday being tired but not wrecked.

So all in all, I consider this past weekend a raging success. As I said to calendula_witch last night, I had more energy than I expected to, but less than I wanted. I think I'll take that.

The open issues around the forthcoming treatment plan on my liver lesion are never far from my mind, but I have managed not to dwell on the horrifying likelihood of another six months of chemo. For now, I will enjoy such freedom as post-chemo recovery permits me.

For this, I am happy. Meanwhile, more Endurance.

Tags: books, calendula, cancer, conventions, endurance, health, writing

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