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[links] Link salad wishes it had a pencil-thin moustache

A reader reacts to Escapement

The United Mistakes of America — On our license to err.

Ça planait pas dans sa voix — This piece about a Belgian lawsuit over the original recording of Plastic Bertrand's "Ça Plane Pour Moi" is both hilarious and bizarre. Read the comments, too.

Sunset, Shadowrise — A fascinating image from central Australia.

Get Ready for Steerable Photon Guns — "Steerable Photon Guns" would be a great name for a rock band.

New Planets Highlight Orbital Resonance — From the department of learning something new every day.

Gingrich to give speech drawing on 'lessons' from anti-war secular socialists Orwell and Camus. The synopsis of the event at the AEI website notes that Gingrich will draw "on the lessons of Camus and Orwell" to "describe the dangers of a wartime government that uses language and misleading labels to obscure reality" The man behind the GOPAC memo is going to talk about this? Irony is not only dead; it's been dismembered, burned, and its ashes scattered over the RNC offices.

Santorum’s Classless Society — More bizarre rhetoric from the Right. Besides which, isn't that a Marxist phrase?

?otD: Facial hair or clean shaven?

Writing time yesterday: 1 hour, 45 minutes (revisions, WRPA)
Body movement: 50 minute suburban walk
Hours slept: 8.0 (solid)
This morning's weigh-in: n/a
Yesterday's chemo stress index: 4/10 (fatigue, peripheral neuropathy)
Currently (re)reading: Heretics of Dune by Frank Herbert

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