Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|travel] Philadelphia

I am off shortly for a long day of, erm, Day Jobbery. However, I wanted to say that last night's dinner was a lot of fun. My thanks to Jon Singer for suggesting the restaurant, as well as driving me and my colleague into town from the airport hotel. We had about fifteen people turn out, which was pretty cool, including several local luminaries, some Internet friends it was good to meet (or re-meet) in person, and a few folks new to me. One writer had to leave early, and I never did get to talk to her, for which I am sorry. I may be post-chemo, but I still can't work a party on my feet.

The food at Rangoon was excellent. I would definitely seek out Burmese cuisine again. And my profound gratitude to everyone who turned out and made it such a fun dinner.

Travel was reasonable, and to my mild surprise did not exhaust me overmuch. Today involves several hours in the car, but I am not driving, so that should be fine. Back to Portland tomorrow.

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