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[links] Link salad tries to proposition 8, gets slapped a lot

A Continental Shift and Its Implications — "Polar Wander" is a new one for me. And interesting...

Robots as Art: The Serene Beauty of LumiBots

Britain Believes No Milk From Clones Was Sold — Wow. What a headline. Oh, the imagery... (And I have to ask, why is animal cloning considered "potentially dangerous and cruel"?)

How Press Censorship Hid the Shocking Truth About Nagasaki A-Bomb 65 Years Ago

More on Proposition 8 — (Thanks to lt260.)

Insincere bigotryMany of the conservative Baptists among whom I grew up believe that dancing is a sin. I have never heard any of them suggest that weddings are invalid if there is dancing at the reception. Nor did any of them argue that professional dancers ought to be relegated to second-class citizenship -- forbidden to marry, to adopt children, to serve openly in the military. They didn't argue such things because it wouldn't have made sense. The leap from "dancing is a sin" to "dancers are subhuman and should not have rights" is illogical and it's bad theology by their own standards. The belief in a religious prohibition against homosexuality can be exploited by demagogues to produce and nurture bigotry among those who are prone to bigotry, but that religious prohibition is not, in itself, the cause or the source of that bigotry.

The Unreasonableness of the Reasonable Arguments Against Gay Marriage — You can clothe it in all the rhetoric and theology you want, but opposition to gay marriage is still arrant bigotry at its heart. Where is the harm? In court, with months to prepare, the alleged harm created by gay marriage could not be demonstrated by opponents.

?otD: How many times have you been married?

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