Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel|help] Australia questions, for them as knows the answers

So calendula_witch and I are now focusing on upcoming trip logistics, since we're actually coming. Two questions have come up.

1) Is it possible to get cheap cell phones on short term plans when we get to Melbourne? We'd like to be able to call or text each other, and have numbers to make available to others. I did this when I went to China last year. Not sure about Australia's telecomm environment.

2) I've heard Australian customs is pretty aggressive about confiscating laptops with questionable material on them. As I have no idea what Australia defines as "questionable material", and given some of what I write a simple keyword search on my hard drive would turn up all sorts of stuff potentially requiring explanation to a suspicious mind, is it safe to bring my computer? I'm considering wiping it to default state as one option.

Thoughts and experiences welcome.

Tags: australia, calendula, help, travel

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