Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Disclaimer: This post lacks wit or wisdom

Some really moving answers to yesterday's question about what people have learned from the great trials of their life. Go read.

Slept very poorly last night here. Massive sleepfail. Not sure why, except that it happens occasionally. Perhaps I caught it from calendula_witch.

Everything has been running behind the last few days, either that or cut short. Meetings at work have almost all run over. My trip to the dentist yesterday was delayed by a late start for my chair time, then it ran long. (Thank to chemo, I am rather behind on tooth cleaning. Wow was that unpleasant.)

I'm expecting a kind of slow, difficult day today due to the severe lack of sleep. A month or two ago this would have been devastating. Now it's mostly seriously annoying. We shall see. At any rate, not much wit or wisdom from me this morning.

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