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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2010-08-20 06:53
Subject: [personal] Miscellaneous updatery is all part of my rock and roll fantasy
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Tags:audio, books, calendula, cancer, contests, endurance, health, kalimpura, personal, polls, texas, writing
Despite the title on this post, I had a Banarama moment in the shower this morning. And let me tell you, nothing convinces one that one needs a shower like a day of colonoscopy prep can do.

Bits and pieces:
  • Speaking of colonoscopy prep, I'm off to the clinic Real Soon Now, in the care of calendula_witch. And no, anent suggestions from several helpful souls, vodka was not an approved part of the clear liquid diet of the past 30 hours.

  • I'll be closing out the steampunk caption contest voting poll, probably on Monday. Right now madrobins is leading the field.

  • I figure on being done with Endurance sometime this weekend. Then I'll be working on the Kalimpura outline and trying to sweep through some WRPA and a few short fiction projects in fairly short order.

  • Next Tuesday I am in an audio studio for a little while. It will be my first time recording with pro equipment. Too bad my voice is so iffy...

  • Cancer second opinion consultation will take place at M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas, probably in early October. Watch this space for updates.

  • I'd like to do another contest/book giveaway for the upcoming release of The Sky That Wraps. Should it be a caption contest, or shall we do something else?

Alien abduction experience, here I come...

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User: e_bourne
Date: 2010-08-20 14:25 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Oh Jay, whaddya expect when you provide an opening like "clear fluids?"

Bonne chance today in the little room.

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Kari Sperring
User: la_marquise_de_
Date: 2010-08-20 16:03 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I hope all goes well today.
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ubiquitous_a: bridget-drinking
User: ubiquitous_a
Date: 2010-08-20 16:10 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
And no, anent suggestions from several helpful souls, vodka was not an approved part of the clear liquid diet of the past 30 hours.

Modern medicine just doesn't know how to be fun sometimes. ;p

Hope things go well today.
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Perdix: Perdix
User: perdix
Date: 2010-08-21 05:13 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
M. D. Anderson is an amazing place, not least because they pay so much attention to the comfort of patients and caregivers when they are "in residence." Stay at the adjoining non-profit hotel - the Rotary House - and you'll see what I mean. They also have an awful lot of very clever, yet very personable doctors. I hope they can give you a helpful new perspective on the situation!
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