Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] A blinding rush through mud

Swimming in mud lately. Had the expected Versed hangover through yesterday. On the other hand, I managed to finish Endurance.

I'm actually kind of amazed I've gotten anything done. Between preparing for the New Zealand-Australia trip, finishing revisions to Endurance, managing cancer issues (second opinion, surgery planning, etc.) and the colonoscopy, I've been extremely busy. Way behind on correspondence and other obligations, and won't likely catch up for a long time. I hate that.

I have some writing and WRPA to do today, along with taking the_child shopping for her first cell phone, seeing a movie with calendula_witch and packing for the upcoming trip. Busy is as busy does.

Tags: australia, books, calendula, cancer, child, endurance, health, new zealand, personal, travel, writing

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