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[personal] The day that was

Oi. Such a day. Nothing cancer-related, for a change. I took the_child to the AT&T store at the mall just up the road a mile or two. We were adding a phone to an existing plan. This should have taken 10, 15 minutes. It took an hour and forty-minutes, involved at least five store employees, multiple phone calls to various inside help lines, and four (or possibly more) attempted number assignments. Something was seriously wrong with AT&T's retail management software. Meanwhile, I, who cannot stand for any length of time even now due to fatigue and peripheral neuropathy, was stuck the whole damned time in an AT&T store with no chairs, stools or benches. The issue was clearly not the fault of the employees, and I remained good natured, but that was damned hard. Eventually she did get her first phone.

I made it home with about two minutes to spare before calendula_witch arrived to pick me up to go to see Inception in the cinema at the same damned mall. As the_child had said, "Why don't you just have her meet you here?" To which I replied, "How will you get home?" She shrugged, then said, "Magic?"

As for Inception, I was highly entertained. I think I was impressed, but I'll need to contemplate for a while. At the very least, it was well worth my time. I'd sure like to see it again. Spoilerrific musings possible in the next few days, though given my schedule, doubtful.

Eating leftovers now, then a much-delayed call with tillyjane, who is camping somewhere in Wyoming, then I am to bed with a book. Y'all play nice.

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