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[travel] Off today to the antipodes, forward all my mail to the South Seas

This afternoon calendula_witch and I are off to New Zealand. Portland to Los Angeles to Sydney to Wellington, a ridiculous amount of flight hours and transit time. Longest flight I've ever taken before is San Francisco to Hong Kong. The LA-Sydney hop on this flight will be even mightier. Thank Ghu for business class seats. danjite and khaybee will meet us at the other end, pour us into their state limo, and see us to their home. Next week we'll all four pop over to Melbourne.

Expect unknown amounts of blogging at unknown times. I will probably take a metric frak-ton of photos, of course, on account of because that's what I do in furrin parts. Of course, those crazy Kiwis don't know that they're the furriners.

I won't be answering my phone much, but I will keep an eyeball on email. Write if you need me.

calendula_witch and I are back on Thursday, September 9th. Surgery festivities the following week, in which I expect to be in the hospital from September 16th to September 20th. (I didn't really need my liver anyway, did I?) It is my plan to spend as little as possible of the next two weeks thinking about that.

And, oddly, one thing I'm really looking forward to is the night sky. It will be like going to a different planet.

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