Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Random dream notes of late

  • With calendula_witch in my Dad's Camry, driving completely offroad through a very hilly park. She's behind the wheel, and making some terrifying choices. After speeding through a terribly steep meadow and nearly crashing through the woods into a river, we wind up spending the night at a ranger station. The next morning as I am talking to the rangers one of them picks up a pendant I have dropped. The pendant belongs to Will Smith. I was carrying it in secret. I panic at its loss.

  • I'm in Chicago. I'm walking around downtown during the business day. Lake Michigan keeps sending tendrils of dirty-green water after me. This causes localized flooding. Somehow I escape the littoral assault. I wind up in a Hyatt/Marriott/Hilton type hotel room. On the television there is a movie, made in a very grainy, art Super 8 style, recapping my day's adventures. The part of me is being played by one of those 1970's Fisher-Price people toys which is essentially a short wooden dowel topped with a round plastic head. In the film my body is dark blue, and I sport a dashing mustachio and a little plastic ascot. Again, the fingers of the lake do not get me.

Anxiety much? And people ask where I get my ideas from...

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