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[conventions] Au Contraire Day One

We arrived safely if exhausted in Wellington, NZ yesterday, to be met at the airport by danjite and khaybee. After a stop at their house, we hied off for a delicious pizza dinner baked in this oven:


Good stuff, though the cranberry and camembert pizza was a bit different. After that danjite took me on a driving tour, while calendula_witch and khaybee went for a walk then went drinking. We circled up at the convention and went to a swell Turkish dinner with a cast of dozen, including dave_gallaher, dinogrl, Amy Thomsen, Dave Clarke, local writer/fen and seraphs_folly and her partner Frank Mundens, along with the stylishly late Jeremy and wildilocks from the Wellington community.

Afterwards we attended opening ceremonies, where I saw and spoke to a raft more of US writerdom and fandom. I was so jet lagged that I will not be able to recapture all the names, but off the top of my head, pnh, Elise Mathessen, dsmoen and Rick, cherymlmorgan, John Hertz, Perri Lurie, CJ Mills and plenty of other folks, along with one of my favorite Australians, Sean Williams.

Then it was home to ded-and-bed.

Off now to brunch, then I have an auction to run, and some panels to empanellate at. See some, all or none of you there.

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