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[conventions] Au Contraire Day Three

Had a good day today at Au Contraire. We were a little rushed in the morning getting out in time for breakfast prior to my 10 am workshop. The first two places we tried were closed, so I declared a punt and we went to eat the hotel. Food was mediocre, service was terrible. The workshop, however, went very well.

After a longish break spent chatting with the lovely and talented E— (whose LJ handle I will eventually dig out of my memory) and a sort-of light lunch at Southern Cross, we made it back for my kaffeklatsch, then my reading which I shared with Juliet Marillier. Ms. Marillier read a fantastic short piece which resonated very deeply for me. After that I'd thought we were going back to chez spector-khaybee for some down time, but due to a miscommunication calendula_witch and I were marooned in the hotel lobby for an extra 45 minutes. I pretty much collapsed then, and wound up dozing until we were rescued and brought home, where I slept some more.

calendula_witch is off now to a largish dinner with Our Hosts at someone else's home, which I bowed out of due to exhaustion. We have plans to go a-touring through backcountry tomorrow, and I'd much rather have a quiet evening and an early bedtime so I can have suitable energy for that project. Having a great time, but the jet lag and the post-chemo fatigue are intersecting in some odd ways.

Wellington is lovely, I have yet to meet a New Zealander I dislike, and I'm very glad we're here.

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