Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] AussieCon 4, Day Two

Good day yesterday. I had a panel on pacing with Peter Brett, Howard Tayler and Carrie Vaughn. That was a fun group to work with in front of an audience. And quite the large audience, as well. See here and here for audience reports. Later on I did a reading, attended by 12 or 15 people, including a very buff-and-cool looking andyhat.

Otherwise the day was lunch with Carrie Vaugh, a kangaroo steak dinner with calendula_witch, danjite and khaybee, and of course BarCon in the Hilton with the usual suspects. Very nice conversations with Carol Ryles and Paul Haines there.

Mostly, though, I was tired. I did manage to stay up until 9. Today, a panel on steampunk (real soon now), and then a signing wherein I will be sharing a table with George R.R. Martin. That ought to be interesting. Otherwise, catch me in the Hilton bar.

Tags: australia, calendula, conventions

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