Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] The hop across the Big Pond, some notes on security

calendula_witch describes our trip home, at least thus far. One leg to go.

I will comment that international security is a bit ridiculous. You go through security to get on the plane. You go through security when you get off the plane and transfer. You've been inside a sterile area the entire time. Unless duty free shops are rife with terrorist agents or something. In Auckland, we cleared transfer security (complete with screaming children and the usual flying-with-amateurs types), only to clear US-destination security 100 yards later. Because so much might have happened to us to walking down that hall, I guess.

It was revealing that as we were going through the second Auckland security check, the guards discovered the scanning portal had not been turned on when used for the passengers who'd proceeded before us. They consulted briefly, decided it was too much trouble to make everyone come back up, and kept the line going.

So what was the purpose of this checkpoint if the scanners not being on didn't matter? Really, Barclay. The magic of security theatre, inconveniencing travelers everywhere to preserve governmental deniability.

Anyway, home beckons and brain is frazzle. Watch for photo essays on the trip over the next few days. Y'all play nice in the mean time.

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