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[photos] New Zealand: The Rimutakas and towns of the Wairarapa Valley

On the 29th of August, we headed out from Wellington in the State Limo for Cape Palliser, by way of the Rimutakas and the Wairarapa Valley. Here's a few photos of the first leg of the trip.

Looking west through the Rimutakas back towards Wellington, NZ.

The Fell Locomotive museum in Featherston, NZ, just east of the Rimutakas. Sadly, "Fell" is not a descriptive adjective, but the name of the builder.

Nearby, the Mini Fell? A steam-powered lawn tractor, perhaps.

Architectural detail in Greytown, NZ.

An interior.

Wallpaper close-up.

Some damned fine chocolate.

Me, laughing my head off over lunch in Martinborough, NZ.

As usual, more at the Flickr sets here, here, here and here.

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