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[photos] New Zealand: Seal colony at Cape Palliser

Just a mile or two past Ngawi, we came upon the seal colony that lives on and around Cape Palliser. This are fur seals, much larger than the harbor seals I'm used to seeing — the bulls were nearly the size of sea lions, or so it seemed.

The day was still cloudy and wet, which meant they were up on the grass by the road. (Understand at this point the road is a rutted track meandering close to the rocky shore.) Apparently sometimes cattle graze down by the ocean, and the seals and cows can be seen together. Sadly, we were not treated to this vision of bucolic utopia. I will observe that the dozing seals were supremely indifferent to our presence, to the point of being virtually comatose. This even though I could have reached out and touched them.

The general look of the shoreline.

I think this is seal for "Are you food? No? Never mind, then."

I'm going to open my eyes, but you're not worth any more effort than that.

Ok, halfway open.

This one appeared to be doing yoga. Or stretching out a kink in his back. One of the few moments where I wished I'd brought a video camera.

A more lively fellow.

More of Mr. (or Ms., I didn't inquire) Lively.

Playing in the ocean, because not everyone can nap all day long.

Watching the waves go by.

As usual, more at the Flickr set.

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