Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Recovering more, and damned glad of it

Yesterday calendula_witch returned from her brief vacation from prison riot syndrome. I feel much the same way, frankly. I cannot wait for this (phase of the) madness to be over.

Today I woke up without immediately needing Dilaudid to manage the post-op pain. I doubt I'll get through the entire day without it, but this is sure a nice upgrade.

I still feel as if someone has sewn a volleyball into my abdomen. Every time I move, the seams threaten to burst. Dinner last night was one and one half corn tortillas dipped in a tablespoon or so of hummus. I felt bloated afterward, as if I'd gorged at Thanksgiving. Eating like that, I still gained a pound yesterday.

Still, mental acuity returns layer by layer. That is perhaps most precious to me, because it is through the focus of my attention that I love, parent, write and live.

Tags: calendula, cancer, child, food, health, personal

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