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[links] Link salad listens to the forests echo

Mysteries That Howl and Hunt — Urban coyotes. I have seen one 1/4 mile from Nuevo Rancho Lake, and my sister saw a pair near her house a few days ago. (Thanks to Dad.)

An Airplane in Front of the Moon — Another rather striking image from APOD. I especially like the description of how it was taken.

First human-powered ornithopter — Mmm, Dune. Or maybe not...

How To Build A Warp Drive Using MetamaterialsA "warp drive" built using metamaterials could reach a quarter light speed, suggests a new analysis.

Project Icarus: Finding the Fuel — More on interstellar drives from Centauri Dreams.

Ancient Egypt's Pyramids: Norwegian Researcher Unlocks Construction Secrets

Atheists, agnostics most knowledgeable about religion, survey says — This seems odd to me. Daniel Larison says some interesting things about this. (Thanks in part to shsilver.)

?otD: Does anybody remember laughter?

Writing time yesterday: 30 minutes
Body movement: 30 minute suburban walk
Hours slept: 6.0 (drug-free but interrupted)
This morning's weigh-in: 234.6
Yesterday's chemo/post-op stress index: 4/10 (post-op pain, fatigue, peripheral neuropathy)
Currently (re)reading: A Fire in the Sun by George Alec Effinger

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