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[personal] Out in the evening, and a story

I actually went out last night. Hooray for recovery! maryrobinette organized a dinner for ellen_datlow at a whiskey bar in NE Portland. davidlevine and kateyule were there, as were camillealexa and mkhobson and two friends of ellen_datlow's whose handles are unknown to me. calendula_witch was feeling over-peopled from the weekend, so she stayed at Witchnest Manor and wrought culinary magic.

It was very nice to be out with writer friends. It was very nice to socialize like a normal person without doing a faceplant in the salad. It was very nice to be able to drive myself home at 8 pm without feeling like I was risking life and safety due to my own goofiness.

I think I'm just about back.

In other news, the_child finished the story she was writing yesterday [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]. That was fanfic of my story "Jack's House". She wrote backstory specifically about how Jack came to be absent. And her sense of literary style is emerging. We had a long conversation about word echoes and how to rework phrasing to avoid them. Proud of that kid, so proud.

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