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[writing] Updatery, and a lunch or two

So, been a while since I've done much in the way of writing updates.

Today I had a lovely lunch with Tor's head of publicity, Patty Garcia, and several of my fellow Tor authors: maryrobinette, cmpriest, kenscholes, and David Weber. I'd never met David before, which it was fun to do so (I didn't do fanboy squee), and it was great to see old friends.

Tomorrow kenscholes will be bringing the Scholes twins into town. We're shooting for lunch at the Barley Mill on SE Hawthorne at 11:30 am, with an open table for anyone who wants to drop by. So if you're in Greater Portlandia and are a friend or fan of either of us, or even just an interested stranger, come on around.

Meanwhile, my esteemed editor at Tor, casacorona, hath blessed the outline for Kalimpura, the third Green book. I need to wrap a Sekrit Projekt on my keyboard right now, pop out another, smaller Sekrit Projekt by early next week, then I'm back to Green and her troubles for a month or two as I draft the novel. calendula_witch, in the mean time, is closing in on a finished manuscript of our collaborative novel, Our Lady of the Islands.

Couple of other interesting items happening, but they haven't risen to the level of being disclosable yet. Let's just say I might be branching out a little bit. (No, nothing so amazing as a movie deal, just some nifty print opportunities.)

Now, I write. You writing today?

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