Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
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[personal] Miscellaneous updatery redux

Today is my last day in San Francisco for this trip. Back to Portland this afternoon. My flight is scheduled to arrive during President Obama's downtown political rally, so depending on how paranoid the Secret Service is feeling airspace may be restricted or closed. In other words, I have no idea when I'm actually getting in.

Tomorrow calendula_witch and I are off to Surrey International Writers' Conference for the weekend. We are taking the_child with us. She turns 13 on Friday, so the trip to BC is sort of a birthday present as well.

calendula_witch and I have been having a lot of challenging conversations lately in this post-chemo environment. Productive but difficult, especially since we've seen each other exactly once over the past two weeks. In person would have been a lot easier.

Also, my mom, a/k/a tillyjane, has been in the hospital since Monday. Major surgery is scheduled for next Monday. Please keep her in your thoughts.
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