Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[calendula] The birthday that was, picking up every stitch

Yesterday was the Witchbirthday. We celebrated by having some spa and sauna time at Common Ground, which was very nice indeed. The weather was perfect for being wet and warm under the open sky a while.

After that, calendula_witch and I had a marvelous Vietnamese lunch at Pho Van, before repairing to the Witchnest to do some writing and plan our December getaway weekend.

Then to Nuevo Rancho Lake (bearing fine cheese) to see the_child's Halloween costume in full deployment. While we were there, my mother and my aunts got to telling old stories, which were largely hilarious and occasionally tragic. Two memorable statements that stood out for me were "Joe was so mad he couldn't even fiddle with his pocket protector" and "Sometimes you have to drive through a civil war to get to a story".

We rounded out our evening with a truly lovely dinner at Papa Haydn. There I bestowed my Witchgift, which seems to have been well-received.

I cannot speak for the birthday girl, of course, but I found it a very satisfactory day indeed. I hope she did too.

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