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[links] Link salad wakes up, gets out of bed

A reader reacts to Mainspring — Not so very much with the liking it at all.

The Bohn Rocket — I have some old Bohn ads framed on my wall here. I love these things, the retro-futurism just drips off them.

Galactic GPS Put Through Its PacesFor the first time, astronomers have reconstructed Earth's trajectory through the cosmos using pulsar signal.

Same poop, different gutFor physicians and researchers alike, fecal transplants present an opportunity to gain insight into disease. "Fecal transplant" is a term you don't run into every day. However, thanks to all my adventures in colon cancer, I've been through enough rounds of having my intestinal flora blown out and re-established to see the point of this story from first-hand experience.

A Little More (Actually Quite a Bit More) on Shari'ah — Ta-Nehisi Coates quoting his commentors on Shariat law. Interesting.

Did the Tea Party Help or Hurt the Republicans? — An economist applies the opportunity cost principle to politics, comes up with unsurprising results.

GOP Voters Have The Leadership They Deserve — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison on the election results.

?otD: What makes you happy?

Writing time yesterday: 1.5 hours (3,600 new words, to 11,100 words on Kalimpuraa full Lake and to spare)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.75 hours (solid)
This morning's weigh-in: n/a
Yesterday's chemo/post-op stress index: 4/10 (fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, emotional distress)
Currently reading: I Wonder by Marian Bantjes

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