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[personal] The day progresses, with a nice hike

This morning, despite some discouraging pre-dawn rain, calendula_witch and I braved the Columbia Gorge for a hike on the Eagle Creek trail. We only went as far as Upper Punchbowl Falls, two miles and a bit of change uphill hitting my limit, but it was damned nice to be out on a real trail in a real forest on one of those mist-covered mornings that can make your heart ache, the good kind of ache. Of course, most of the rest of me aches too, the not-so-good kind of ache.

In other news, I managed 2,900 words on Kalimpura first thing this morning, before we set out. I feel good about that, as my daily goal is 2,500 words. Now at 21,100 words and cooking along nicely. Apparently I do know how to do this novel writing.

Now packing for tomorrow's business trip. My sister is coming over tonight to stay here with my Mom til Monday, when they will move her back to her own house, as she is recovering well. So when I come back Tuesday, it will be to a quiet Nuevo Rancho Lake indeed.

And a dinner out tonight. No rest for the wicker men.

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