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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2010-11-09 15:57
Subject: [books|writing] Kalimpura Progriss Riport More
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Tags:books, idaho, kalimpura, travel, writing
8,800 words in flight today, to 43,000 words on Kalimpura. Might have been more, but there were several naps, a drunken seatmate and a nice woman from Idaho to talk to. I'm pleased.

And another WIP...
"Legendary." He laughed, hollow and tired. "For what?"

"For being a clever, brutal bastard who runs a string of sharp and dangerous boys." There. If he knew Mother Vajpai, he knew we were Blades. Some flattery from our quarter might go a ways to improving his mood.

"We are shaking down peasants and harass peddlers. Are you demoting yourself to small-time crime?"

"No, the biggest crime of all. I want to steal my way into Kalimpura, then steal the city from those who would claim it for their own."

Another long silence. Then: "You do not dream in small doses. But then you never did." He paused for one, two, three deep breaths. "Mother Vajpai, did you know I cast this one out for being too brutal?

Too brutal, among my boys, is a mark of some distinction."

"The Blades found her brutal as well, but biddable."

Now there was a lie, but I held my tongue. No one had ever styled me biddable, not and kept their face straight in the process.

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